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"AYMAS" recycling machines

"AYMAS" сompany was founded on 20 January 2003 in Izmir, Turkey. Company manufactures all types of Hydraulic Metal Scrap Balers, Scrap Cutters, Magnetic Separator and Scrap Conveyors as well as moulds, apparatus, spare parts etc. for the steel, cement, paper, chemistry, casting and automotive industries with machining, welding and servicing capabilities. Aymas is located in Hurdacilar Sitesi at Bornova, Izmir and it is ready to serve its customers with its engineering know-how and technical staff.



  AYMAS operates inside a 3000 m2 closed space with CNC and conventional machinery.  With its experienced personnel, appropriate planning, design and manufacturing, the company seeks customer satisfaction through strict quality standards, R&D, economy, and manufacturing consistency. AYMAS utilizes the latest technology to reach its customers and fulfill their requirements in an effort to satisfy their technical needs with utmost quality.

   We consider quality a life-style, we value our customers and personnel. Our aim is to design and manufacture the best and highest quality products while offering perfect products and services to our customers.

  AYMAS MACHINERY follows the latest technology in the industry and continues to offer high quality products and service.

  AYMAS started to manufacture standard products in the last couple of years and in addition to the vast scope of machinery options it provides, the company provides consulting on type and feasibility of machinery to be selected for the specific need. AYMAS supports its products worldwide with parts and after-sales technical assistance.

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